QuickBite Tips: Outboard Motor Cowl Cleaning

How To

Keeping your outboard motor cowl clean is easy. Just follow these simple steps for that showroom shine!

8 Responses to “QuickBite Tips: Outboard Motor Cowl Cleaning”

  1. Duran Shults

    White vinegar works great to remove water spots , won’t hurt the finish , but after cleaning give it a wax job to protect it from more water spots .. this works great …

  2. Jeff Silber

    Thanks for this tip. I’d like to be on your mailing list for future tips. Thank you

  3. Buddy Voan

    Thank you for that engine cowling cleaning tip, it was very easy and helpful. I Love my Mercury Pro Xs.

  4. Roger George

    Where do you get Cowl cleaning compound? Couldn’t see it very well! Good video. This takes water spots off too??


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