QuickBite Tips: Checking Power Trim Fluid

How To

Checking your outboard motor power trim fluid is an important maintenance step to keeping your engine in peak condition. Follow the simple steps in the video below to DIY!

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6 Responses to “QuickBite Tips: Checking Power Trim Fluid”

  1. Steve Tanner

    Love my Mercury 90 HP!! If the motor slowly trims down with no one touching the trim switch. Does this mean it is low on trim “OIL”??

  2. Paul Hammaker

    I like seeing the maintenance tips. I always have my boat and motor professionally serviced. So any maintenance tips are appreciated.

  3. wayne gresk

    I have an 08 40 hp on a Alumacraft 1650 fisherman ,I love your motors. Wish I saw these how to pictures before KEEP them coming very helpful


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